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Unipro is a pioneer in advocating the value of traceability through RFID and Barcode Technology for businesses. We have helped corporations, industries, and factories take complete control of their everyday activities by delivering accurate tracking systems which simplify operations.

With over a decade of experience, award-winning partnerships with OEMs, over 1000 customers to boot, Unipro has been the go-to traceability solution provider for several businesses all over South India. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified and D&Baccredited. We also have expertise in addressing your Barcode and RFID labelling needs. Furthermore, we also supply Automatic Identification and Data Capture(AIDC) equipment such as Barcode and RFID Scanners, Printers etc. Our customizable software solution is user-friendly and can suit any industry or business need. It is precise, secure and facilitates progress by supporting omnichannel operations with no loss of data. We consult, collaborate, configure and launch systems with you and your team to ensure the solution is technically and functionally accurate.

What we do

We deliver simple, flexible and integrated solutions which empower you to conduct business anywhere, anytime. Increased profits, improved productivity, streamlined operations, and happier employees are the additional welcome benefits of engaging Unipro to deliver solutions for your business\industry.

Consulting Services

Discuss your business challenges with our solution experts and find out what works for you. Learn how Unipro can help you garner real-time business insights which can empower you to make informed business decisions.

Traceability Solutions

Accurately locate an asset, product, package or vehicle with our intuitive traceability software which can scale effortlessly as you grow. Seamless integrations with any ERP system for simplified inventory and order fulfillment.

Project Management Services

We assist in implementing Kanban System to your business\industry for an efficient and effective inventory management system. We take a logical approach to monitor inventory level and meet the demand for successful process implementation.

Industries and Solutions

We serve multiple industries such as Automobile, Pharma, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Government Sector while also tracking vendors, visitors, despatch, work-in-progress and materials. We are end-to-end solution providers and deliver software, equipment, and supplies.

Technology and Products

We harness the power of data capture technologies such as RFID, Barcode, Mobile and Printing Technology to automate business operations. We manufacture Barcode and RFID labels. We have partnered with OEM’s for the supply of products.

People Say About Us


Unipro helps us in implementing barcode in our automation set up & maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Rane Madras

Crews from Uniprotech Solutions successfully implemented Asset Tracking Solution for our supply chain unit! As a result, efficiency was narrowed and overall productivity was raised dramatically.

Cooper Standard

We got various benefits from Uniprotech! They have integrated Inventory Solution to our existing plants which made our workforce to access the inventory accurately.


We face challenges in stock maintenance and undergone difficulties in reaching the right product within the crucial time! By availing Tracking Solution from Uniprotech the sustained issue comes to an end.