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Our retail consulting experience provides key insights into retail processes, best practices and highlights potential problems. Consulting resources as your business partner in the following areas:

This is a partial list of the services on offer:
  • Business practices.
  • Process and procedures - SOP for Retailers.
  • Server recommendations.
  • Software and Hardware evaluation.
  • Pre-project planning.
  • Advanced analysis – MIS consulting.
  • Software package selection.
  • Implementations and project management.
  • Application development; modifications, enhancements, updates and conversions.
  • Interfaces and integration.
  • Post-implementation support.
  • Training and documentation .
  • Business analysis and quality assurance.

People say about us

"Unipro helps us in implementing barcode in our automation set up & maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly."


Unipro’s reflex on customization is excellent, they have developed many useful Business intelligence features in RetailPOS, we could able to streamline our supply chain effectively.

Santosh super market

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