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Work-In-Process (WIP) consists of the unfinished products in production processes that are either being fabricated or waiting in a queue or storage. These unfinished products require storage space, represent capital investment and present a risk of expiration of the goods. As such, production management aims to minimize these products. Electronic Product Code (EPC)/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is enabling companies to reduce costs and overhead by creating visibility into inefficient work-in-process flows.

In a Work-in-Process tracking solution, EPC data is collected as items move through production stages and provides an accurate and complete record of components and assemblies as they come together into a finished product. This helps manufacturers accelerate materials management within a plant floor and better manage assembly automation, track plant floor assets, and manage inventory.

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EPC data collected as items move through the production stages is linked with data from testing and quality control systems to provide a detailed, auditable history of manufacturing activity. This information provides visibility into work-in-process, which would otherwise remain largely hidden from view.

With accurate WIP tracking, labor costs associated with tracking materials and equipment during the assembly process are significantly reduced. In addition, WIP tracking strengthens the audit trail, and enables warranty tracking for raw materials and components, as well as making it easier to comply with regulations and mandates (Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.).

Manufacturers see bottom-line results through cost savings in logistics assets investments, reduction in error rates for shipping and receiving, reduction in asset shrinkage, as well as a significant improvement in customer service.

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