Wireless LAN

Wireless network refer to any type of computer network that is not connected by cables of any kind. It is a method by which telecommunications networks and enterprise (business), installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into to a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using a transmission system called radio waves. This implementation takes place at the physical level, (layer), of the network structure.

A wireless local area network (WLAN) links two or more devices using a wireless distribution method,providing a connection through an access point to the wider internet. The use of spread-spectrum or OFDM technologies also gives users the mobility to move around within a local coverage area, and still remain connected to the network.

  • Wi-Fi: "Wi-Fi" is a term used to describe 802.11 WLANs, although it is technically a declaredstandard of interoperability between 802.11 devices.
  • Fixed Wireless Data:This implements point to point links between computers or networks at two distant locations, often using dedicated microwave or modulated laser light beams over line of sight paths. It is often used in cities to connect networks in two or more buildings without installing a wired link.

Unipro helps you to Wifi your plant, warehouse , office ,factory, yard and campus, this makes you to utilise your PDA's or mobile computing devices for effective use of Barcode automation. The same network can avoid your tedious wired LAN, this can be used for networking laptops, computers, printers,scanners, Projectors etc., as well. The unipro experts shall assist you in site survey, and makes sure that your network meets redundancy.

Area of Applications :
  • Manufacturing
  • Yard
  • Hospitals
  • Cafe
  • Warehouse
  • College Campus
  • Malls

Mesh Networking

Mesh networking (topology) is a type of networking where each Access Point must not only capture and disseminate its own data, but also serve as a relay for other Access Point, that is, it must collaborate to propagate the data in the network.

A mesh network can be designed using a flooding technique or a routing technique. When using a routing technique, the message propagates along a path, by hopping from Access Point to Access Point until the destination is reached. For insuring all its paths' availability, a routing network must allow for continuous connections and reconfiguration around broken or blocked paths, using self-healing algorithms. A mesh network who’s Access Point is all connected to each other is a fully connected network. Mesh networks can be seen as one type of ad hoc network.

The self-healing capability enables a routing based network to operate when one Access Point breaks down or a connection goes bad. As a result, the network is ically quite reliable, as there is often more than one path between a source and a destination in the network. Although mostly used in wireless scenarios, this concept is also applicable to wired networks and software interaction.

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