Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a technological method for preventing shoplifting from retail stores or pilferage of books from libraries. Special tags are fixed to merchandise or books. These tags are removed or deactivated by the clerks when the item is properly bought or checked out. At the exits of the store, a detection system sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts the staff when it senses active tags. For high-value goods that are to be manipulated by the patrons, wired alarm clips may be used instead of tags.

Radio-frequency systems

These tags are essentially an LC tank circuit that has a resonance peak anywhere from 1.75 MHz to 9.5 MHz. The most popular frequency is 8.2 MHz. Sensing is achieved by sweeping around the resonant frequency and detecting the dip. Deactivation for 8.2 MHz label tags is achieved by detuning the circuit by partially destroying the capacitor. This is done by submitting the tag to a strong electromagnetic field at the resonant frequency which will induce voltages exceeding the capacitor's breakdown voltage, which is artificially reduced by puncturing the tags.

Labels & tags

Creative design meets robust security You’ve invested in a security system, so you expect it to be reliable. But your system is only as reliable as the labels you use. Use Nedap’s paper RF and RFID labels. They’re simply the best. There’s no point being modest: our labels are top quality, 100% tested, and guaranteed to work.

Hard tags

Whatever your needs, we have the hard tag for you. Choose any one of our wide range of hard tags in different colors and sizes. With or without ink vials. Let us know if you have special demands: we can deliver custom-made tags for you, designed and produced to your specifications.

Theme tags

Why not get creative and use security tags that match your store design? Or use heart-shaped tags for Valentine’s Day, soccer balls during the World Cup or flower tags for your new Spring collection. We can adapt our security solutions completely to your promotions and store design. Contact us. We can help you make a difference.


A detacher is used to remove re-usable hard tags. The type of detacher used will depend on the type of tag. There is a variety of detachers available with the majority using powerful magnets. Any store that uses an anti-shoplifting system and has a detacher should take care to have it secured so it can not be removed. Some detachers actually have a security tag inside them, to alert store personnel of them being removed from (or being brought into) the store.

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