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Distribution & Logistics

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Distribution & Logistics

Unipro delivers a turnkey solution with on-site hardware and software integration, high volume printing and encoding of RFID tags, fixed and Mobile RFID readers, and best in class technical support and training. Our traceability solution supports real-time monitoring and analytical reporting anytime, and on any device.

With our labelling solutions, scanning equipment and terminals, software and applications, Integration services, maintenance services and printing solutions, we have the capability to meet your identification, data collection and labelling needs, and to enable you to identify and trace goods, people and transactions through the distribution process. You will see a distinct reduction in your operational cost. This is through complete automation which lowers labour and error costs associated with the manual process.


  • LOGISTICS - Application of barcode and RFID technologies help operators to identify accurately pallet, carton, and even item, and provide real-time order-to-delivery visibility while enabling effective ways to track and trace throughout the logistics process
  • WAREHOUSING AND DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT – Integrate seamlessly with your WMS and eliminate misplaced inventory. Our accurate order-picking allows for optimization of space, including the vertical dimensions of the warehousing facilities.
  • REVERSE LOGISTICS - Reverse logistics operations are more complex because of the compliance requirements on top of a large number of inbound items. Their operations benefit from automatic identification and real-time visibility.
  • CROSS-DOCKING - Traceability saves time in the receiving and redistribution process. On receiving the inbound shipments, the next step is to log them into the inventory control application and then use the mobile printer to immediately generate a barcode shipping label with the required cross dock information. Precise, point-of-activity labelling eases the flow of goods movement and removes the need for manual, error-prone processes.
  • CONTAINER MANAGEMENT - Containers may be pallets, plastic boxes, larger metal and plastic containers and canisters for gases and liquids among others. Information about the containers at any time and how to find the closest containers for a particular need can both cut the number of containers used in business and also eliminate the shortage.
  • YARD OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - We provide carriers with identification, track and trace tools for effective yard management solutions. It helps to curtail the time involved in yard checks, equipment searches, and lost equipment with time and date verification.
  • PICK-UP AND DELIVERY - Automatic data collection and label printing ensure accurate tracking of pick-ups and timely proof of delivery through the supply-chain process.

People Say About Us


Unipro helps us in implementing barcode in our automation set up & maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Rane Madras

Crews from Uniprotech Solutions successfully implemented Asset Tracking Solution for our supply chain unit! As a result, efficiency was narrowed and overall productivity was raised dramatically.

Cooper Standard

We got various benefits from Uniprotech! They have integrated Inventory Solution to our existing plants which made our workforce to access the inventory accurately.


We face challenges in stock maintenance and undergone difficulties in reaching the right product within the crucial time! By availing Tracking Solution from Uniprotech the sustained issue comes to an end.