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Pharma & Healthcare

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Pharma & Healthcare

The pharmaceutical sector has three main links in its supply chain, which are: production, distribution and dispensation.

There is also product movement between the steps. In addition to stringent quality norms, it has to maintain enough records of manufacturing, control and distribution of medicines, in order to ensure complete product traceability. The main function of medicine traceability is to simplify its recall from the market. This complete visibility in the pharmaceutical market can help remove products suspected of causing health hazard due to defect or failure of quality, which would undermine its performance (quality, safety and efficacy). Unipro simplifies this process by providing an accurate tracking system which ensures complete traceability in the pharma supply chain. In the healthcare segment, it is essential that there is diligent tracking of patient and accurate delivery of the information to the doctor on call without any loss of information. For patient safety, it is essential that the system is reliable, safe and meets the compliance requirements of the healthcare. Unipro’s delivers the best traceability system for the healthcare segment which takes up the standard of your hospital a notch with a significant increase in productivity.


  • GS1 Export Application
  • Batch and Expiry Date Packing
  • 2D Barcode Printing
  • Pharma Code Printing Application
  • Monitoring and protecting patient data
  • Medical device tracking


  • Patient Tracking
  • Patient History
  • Bedside Patient Care
  • Remote Patient Care
  • Blood Bags Tracking
  • Patient Sample Tracking

People Say About Us


Unipro helps us in implementing barcode in our automation set up & maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Rane Madras

Crews from Uniprotech Solutions successfully implemented Asset Tracking Solution for our supply chain unit! As a result, efficiency was narrowed and overall productivity was raised dramatically.

Cooper Standard

We got various benefits from Uniprotech! They have integrated Inventory Solution to our existing plants which made our workforce to access the inventory accurately.


We face challenges in stock maintenance and undergone difficulties in reaching the right product within the crucial time! By availing Tracking Solution from Uniprotech the sustained issue comes to an end.