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Retail & Distribution

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Retail & Distribution

UniproTech’s “RetailPOS” is a trusted POS solution in use by over 600 customers. It is a powerful solution for retail businesses, aiding in decision making based on real-time data while delivering superior customer experience.

Integrated with GST compliant functionality, our solution aids in the secure and reliable filing of GSTR1, GSTR2A, GSTR3B returns. As a precaution, “RetailPOS” also validates the missing invoices (GSTR2) by your supplier. With data integrity ensured throughout the business process by our solution, you can now experience a seamless GST compliance and returns filing without manual interventions. Initially launched specifically for Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, we have spread our wings into other verticals such as Food & Beverages, Fashion, and Textiles & Garments and Footwear etc. We also deliver custom-built Industrial POS solutions. Deployed over the CLOUD or as an on-site license for customers who have in-house infrastructure and management capability, Unipro’s “RetailPOS” solution streamlines omnichannel retailing.

Please click on the link below to know more features about Retail POS and its uses in various retail segments – Retailpos


  • CLOUD-BASED POS SYSTEM - Delivered over the cloud in SaaS model to ensure your POS is platform independent and easily scalable thereby minimising costs and offering high-availability and mobility.
  • GST-COMPLIANCE AND RETURNS FILING - Our solution includes comprehensive functions to handle GST regulations thereby aiding in flawless GST returns filing with unmatched data\transaction integrity.
  • MOBILE POS SYSTEM - A cloud-based, platform independent solution which works on any mobile device and many other standard POS hardware.
  • REPORTS AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Our built-in tool generates detailed reports based on inventory management software and real-time transaction database. Data analytics is optionally available for demanding customers to simplify MIS.
  • ECO-SYSTEM INTEGRATION - A reliable POS solution which encompasses the capability to co-exist and integrate with any relevant third-party application for features such as payments, Loyalty, coupons etc.
  • ATTENDANCE AND PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - a highly automated system which collates In-time and Out-time data from third-party applications for attendance tracking.

People Say About Us


Unipro helps us in implementing barcode in our automation set up & maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Rane Madras

Crews from Uniprotech Solutions successfully implemented Asset Tracking Solution for our supply chain unit! As a result, efficiency was narrowed and overall productivity was raised dramatically.

Cooper Standard

We got various benefits from Uniprotech! They have integrated Inventory Solution to our existing plants which made our workforce to access the inventory accurately.


We face challenges in stock maintenance and undergone difficulties in reaching the right product within the crucial time! By availing Tracking Solution from Uniprotech the sustained issue comes to an end.