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ERP Integration Services

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ERP Integration Services

Unipro helps you to integrate your existing systems with traceability modules which increases business efficiency and provides visibility to meet your growing business demands. Systems that require real-time information such as web portals and mobile devices need outbound data from the ERP.

At the start of integration, companies tend to install modules from the same vendor. As the business expands, companies often purchase modules from different vendors. Organizations need to integrate their ERPs to internal systems in their data centres as well as integrate into external systems including cloud-based applications and mobile platforms that use newer, still evolving protocols. It is critical for organizations to choose an integration approach that is up to date with newer protocols and future-proof to keep up with technology. Unipro provides a flexible, scalable and secure integration platform that meets the business needs of today. It supports a hybrid environment enabling it to connect on-premise ERP systems with the organizations’ cloud-based applications. A business can choose point-to-point integration, custom applications or adapters or Enterprise Service Bus approach to integration.


  • Easy to expand – A business can integrate their ERP solution with a couple of core applications. When a new application is ready, you can incorporate it into the infrastructure by adding an application or adapter to the network or hook it up to the bus.
  • Incremental Adoption - Unipro offers unique flexibility and allows for incremental adoption as resources become available. This ensures that the organization can meet unexpected needs in the future easily.
  • Scalable and distributable – Our solution is simple and cost-effective to ensure hig availability and scalability for critical parts of the architecture.

People Say About Us


Unipro helps us in implementing barcode in our automation set up & maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Rane Madras

Crews from Uniprotech Solutions successfully implemented Asset Tracking Solution for our supply chain unit! As a result, efficiency was narrowed and overall productivity was raised dramatically.

Cooper Standard

We got various benefits from Uniprotech! They have integrated Inventory Solution to our existing plants which made our workforce to access the inventory accurately.


We face challenges in stock maintenance and undergone difficulties in reaching the right product within the crucial time! By availing Tracking Solution from Uniprotech the sustained issue comes to an end.